Monday 7 August – Friday 11 August

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Notice to Register

Maths Week 2023 – including an event for teachers and home educators

Maths Week 2023 will be held between Monday 7 August and Friday 11 August.

Last year, a design-a-logo competition was held for students (to mark the 25th anniversary of Maths Week). This year, an event is being held for teachers and home educators – to submit a topic for Maths Week. Prizes are on offer. For details, go to

Maths Week provides resources for teachers and students to support the mathematics and statistics curriculum. Last year, 6378 teachers and over 271 000 students throughout New Zealand registered for Maths Week.

Maths Week material is available free and on-line from the Maths Week website, to teachers, students and the public. The Maths Week website has been refreshed this year to coincide with the development of the refreshed mathematics and statistics curriculum.

The aims of Maths Week are

  • to encourage students’ interest in mathematics and statistics
  • to give teachers resources that they can use in the classroom, particularly material that requires some research and which may not be readily available to them, or that can be used electronically in class
  • to show the pleasure that mathematics can provide and some of the everyday places where it can be used
  • to give teachers material that can provide extension.

Maths Week resources are written in five levels for all students from Year 1 through to Year 11.

To find more about the Maths Week levels and resources, go to

Teachers who register for Maths Week also have access to answers to questions for the quizzes, and the answers and other notes for the worksheets. They will have access to this material for the worksheets from Monday 24 July to enable them to familiarise themselves with the material before Maths Week starts.

The Ministry of Education supports and provides financial backing for Maths Week.

For teachers to register themselves and their class numbers, go to

Teachers are encouraged to let their colleagues know about Maths Week and to get them to register.

We look forward to receiving your registration.

Gillian Frankcom-Burgess, Editor Maths Week writing team