Super Challenge 2019 - Thursday

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Each day, Monday to Thursday there will be one difficult question for you to answer. The answer will be a number.

They may take a while to do and could require you to use your maths book. 

You will need to record your daily answers. 

On Friday you can total up all of your daily answers and submit it online.

If this total is correct you will get a link to a page where you can fill in your name and school. You can then print out your Maths Week Super Challenge Certificate.

Your school will also get a notification of your success!

If your total is incorrect then a message comes up to tell you.  

You may then go back and correct an answer.

Re-submit and if correct, you will get the Maths Week Super Challenge Certificate.


Thursday's Super Challenge Question

Coronation Street Maths.

Abi’s probability problem!

SuperChallenge 19 Thurs 01

Abi:  “This probability is a straight nightmare!

         John puts some black and white marbles into a bag.

         The ratio of black to white is 1 to 4.

         Linda takes out 2 marbles.

         The probability of her taking 2 blacks is 6/156.

         How many marbles did John put in the bag?”

Sophie:     “Who uses marbles anymore.


How many marbles did John put in the bag?”


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